Help with saves that work, yet don't exist.

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Help with saves that work, yet don't exist.

Post by KleefulFrames » Thu Feb 16, 2023 10:33 am

I've been using drastic on mobile for a while, and it's worked well for the most part. Played through the entirety of SMT2 and Knight's in the nightmare.

I've even been hopping their save files between mobile during the week and pc during the weekend. Navigating to the dsv save locations and migrating has been easy.

However, now that I am playing FFTA2 I've been having crashing issues. But I've found that to me expected of drastic for this game, which is fine. As such, I went to move the save file from the emulator to my pc so I could continue there with another emu for this one title, and no longer crash. However, THE GAME HAS NOT PLACED SAVE FILES IN THE NORMAL LOCATION...

They exist. I can load them. I can make new saves, and they work. But if I try to search for them in the proper folders, or even just through a blanket search over my entire storage. They can't be found. Neither the .sav nor the .dsv.

I'm looking for help in order to find/access these saves, or otherwise cause a new one to generate in the proper location so I can access it.

I am using a pixel 3 xl device, build r2.6.0.4a build 109.

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