'Unable to open shortcut' after Feb 2023 update

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'Unable to open shortcut' after Feb 2023 update

Post by RetroGamer » Sat Feb 11, 2023 9:52 pm

Hello, the linkage from Retroid Pocket Launcher to DraStic was working fine until the latest DraStic update this early Feb 2023.
Whenever I now launch a rom from the Retroid Launcher, it only starts up the DraStic app but not the game, with the error 'Unable to open shortcut' being shown on the DraStic app.

Retroid Launcher is great for organizing roms - friendly interface - i hope the DraStic dev team will be able to pinpoint this bug. If there is any quick fix i can do, such as amending any of the system files ... let me know, thank you.

These are the settings i see from Retroid Launcher when launching DraStic, which i can change :
Package: com.dsemu.drastic
Activity: com.dsemu.drastic.DraSticActivity
Rom path key: GAMEPATH

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