DPAD Right input not detected Retroid Pocket 2+

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DPAD Right input not detected Retroid Pocket 2+

Post by Drumstick » Thu Jun 02, 2022 4:42 pm

Hello! I bought Drastic to use on my RP2+. However DPAD Right isnt detected and cannot be mapped properly. To be clear, 'Right' can be mapped to other buttons but pressing right on the physical DPAD does nothing. Dpad right is broken only in Drastic. Any chance to solve this issue? Thanks.

:!: EDIT

Ok I got it fixed on Discord, but I believe this worth sharing as this was the default configuration the app came with. I forgot to mention there was a tiny touchscreen button present at all times that didnt seem to work.

-Pull out the menu on the right hand side (slide from off screen onto the screen) and open the "key adapter"
-Press the eraser to get rid of everything then hit the save button

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