Drastic Guide Backing Up Saves

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Drastic Guide Backing Up Saves

Post by Kyousuke753 » Sat May 14, 2016 10:16 am

This is a simple guide to backup your in-game saves/savestates. The link for the NDS File Converter at the bottom.

[How to upload saves onto Google Drive method],[step by step]

1. Google Drive app.
2. Google account.
3. WiFi access.

STEP 1. Download and install the Google Drive app on your phone.

STEP 2. Open up the Drastic emulator app, then you will see Drastic's hub menu, tap on Load new game.

STEP 3. Choose a game icon to load, then Continue last save (SAVESTATE).

STEP 4. It'll load off where you left off in the game, access the menu button at the bottom of the screen for a popup wheel menu and tap SAVE to create a Savestate ready to be uploaded onto Google Drive.

STEP 5. On the popup wheel menu tap MENU to access the Game Menu, then tap Manage Savestates.

STEP 6. Then tap Upload to Google Drive and it'll automatically create a Drastic folder on Google Drive for you with the Savestate you just uploaded in it.

STEP 7. On your new Android Phone/Tablet tap on Download from Google Play then tap Play to continue where you left off in the game.


[How to transfer the .dsv(in-game save) files onto PC/Laptop, then onto your new Android phone/tablet method],[step by step]

READ FIRST: Some Android phones/tablets initially bought automatically enter USB debugging mode when plugged into PC via USB cable for the first time (this is for root purposes), and it's easy to turn this OFF.

Go to your Android Phone/Tablet Settings, then tap on About phone and tap on build number 7 times to access the developer options, then go to developer options and turn OFF USB debugging mode.

1. PC/Laptop.
2. USB cable.
3. Android Phone/Tablet.
4. Optional a MicroSD card.
5. Drastic emulator app.

STEP 1. On your PC/Laptop whichever you like to use for this method, plug your Android Phone/Tablet in via USB cable.

STEP 2. On your Android Phone/Tablet choose Media device, then access your Android Phone's/Tablet's storage via My Computer.

STEP 3. On my computer you'll see your Android Phone's/Tablet's model number click it to access the Internal and External storage. Drastic by default is installed on internal storage.

STEP 4. In the Drastic folder find the Backup folder, then copy and paste it onto the Desktop.

STEP 5. Repeat all the steps again up to STEP 4 but this time copy and paste the Backup folder and place it into the Drastic folder onto your new Android phone/tablet to continue where you left off in the game.


[How to transfer via the MicroSD card method],[step by step]:

1. Old Android Phone/Tablet.
2. New Android Phone/Tablet.
3. MicroSD card.
4. Built-in File Manager or get one from Google Play store.

STEP 1. Access your internal storage via a file manager and locate the Drastic folder inside it take out the Backup folder and copy it onto your external storage.

STEP 2. Go to Android Settings, Storage and safely unmount the MicroSD card.

STEP 3. Once the MicroSD card is safely unmounted, turn OFF your Android Phone/Tablet and take out the MicroSD card.

STEP 4. Turn OFF your new Android Phone/Tablet, then insert the MicroSD card and turn ON your Android Phone/Tablet.

STEP 5. Once your new Android phone/tablet has booted up, wait for it to read the MicroSD card, get Drastic back on your new Android Phone/Tablet and launch the Drastic emulator once for it to create the Drastic folder on your internal storage.

STEP 6. Get a file manager and move the Backup folder from your MicroSD card back onto the Drastic folder on your new Android Phone's/Tablet's internal storage.


Link for the NDS Save File Converter:
https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showt ... -7-24-2011.
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Re: Guide [How to upload saves onto Google Drive]

Post by TkSilver » Sat May 14, 2016 2:15 pm

If you add in instructions to transfer in game saves with out storing them inside of a savestate (not everyone likes savestates/ sometimes savestates can cause issues), then I would say this would be worthy of a sticky since it is a well thought out guide to a fairly common question.

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Re: Drastic Guide Backing Up Saves

Post by Kyousuke753 » Mon May 16, 2016 2:25 am

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for corrupt saves, your fault for not backing it up beforehand due to laziness, and this is clearly a backup guide and it WON'T fix corrupted saves.

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Re: Drastic Guide Backing Up Saves

Post by akilesbaeza » Tue Aug 02, 2016 9:28 pm

hey i'm trying to move my save files from my phone to the pc and i can't see the drastic folder in the internal mmemory of my phone.
btw it's a moto x 1gen (no sd storage)
how can i see the folder?? please halp

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